PE Soft Touch Grooming Kit



The set contains a body brush, long bristled dandy brush, large dandy brush, face brush, mane & tail brush, rubber curry comb, hoof pick, sweat scraper and bucket brush. With these tools, you can ensure your horse’s daily care routine is at an optimum.

Use the dandy brushes and rubber curry comb to get rid of tough, dried dirt and mud. Gently manoeuvre around your horse’s face and eyes with the super soft bristled face brush. Then bring your horse’s coat to a shine with the soft bristled body brush. Get rid of tangles in your horse’s mane and tail using the ergonomically shaped mane & tail brush. Ensure your horse’s hooves are picked out and free from mud/stones every day and before exercise using the hoof pick. Use the sweat scraper to remove excess water after washing.

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Orange and Amber, Black and Red, Blue and Peacock, Wine and Fuchsia


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