We sell quality equestrian products
We sell quality equestrian products

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Welcome to Vision Equestrian

Experience Exceptional Equestrian Services and Premium Products at Vision Equestrian

Welcome to Vision Equestrian, a unique equestrian business situated in Manawatu. Initially started as a small feed venture for Harvest Grains, the business has expanded to include top-quality brands such as Kohnkes Own and Bucas.

At the helm of Vision Equestrian is Sherilee, a diligent Dairy Farmer from Taranaki, who is passionate about horses and premium products. Meanwhile, Liana, a skilled dressage instructor, competes at level 7 dressage on her purebred Arabian gelding, Chaos. The Vision Equestrian is situated on Liana’s family property just outside Halcombe.

Both Liana and Sherilee share a love for Arabian horses, with Sherilee even winning an auction to ride on Liana’s horse a few years ago. Their partnership has flourished ever since, and they are dedicated to providing exceptional equestrian services and products to their clients.

Our Mission & Values

Welcome to Vision Equestrian: Launched on July 1st, 2022

Vision Equestrian is a boutique equestrian business based in Manawatu that prides itself on providing top-quality products and exceptional service. The business began as a small feed venture for Harvest Grains but quickly gained momentum by adding brands like Kohnkes Own and Bucas.

Sherilee, a hardworking Dairy Farmer from Taranaki who is passionate about horses and premium products, is the driving force behind Vision Equestrian. Liana, a skilled dressage instructor who competes at level 7 dressage on her purebred Arabian gelding, Chaos, is also part of the team. The Vision Equestrian is located on Liana’s family property just outside Halcombe.

At Vision Equestrian, we are committed to providing our clients with the same quality products and services that we use ourselves. We believe in offering a personalized experience that meets the unique needs of each horse and rider. Our values are centered on:


We only offer the highest quality products that we trust and use ourselves.

Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and personalized attention to each of our clients.


We are passionate about horses and the equestrian lifestyle, and we strive to share that passion with our clients.

Team Members!


My name is Liana Erard. I’m the wife of my wonderful husband, Daniel. Together, we have a 10-month-old baby named Luka. Our family also includes our dog, Nala, and two horses, Chaos and Charlie. We live in what I believe to be the most beautiful town in New Zealand, Fielding.

I’ve been riding horses since I was 9 years old. Now, I’m a Level 7 dressage rider and a coach, including serving as an accountability coach. My passion lies in classical dressage, liberty work, in-hand groundwork, and forming beautiful connections and bonds with horses.

I train my own horses and firmly believe that everything takes the time it needs. I don’t believe in rushing horses, and that’s why I choose not to start training other people’s horses. After numerous experiences with my horse, Chaos, I’ve become a staunch believer in trusting your own intuition when it comes to your horse – nobody knows them better than you!

Aside from my love for horses, I manage a chiropractic center in Palmerston North, with a focus on health and wellness. I’m a big believer in natural health and good nutrition, both for people and horses.

What I love most is helping people reach their goals, seeing horses and riders thrive in their health and achieve their dreams, whatever those might be.


Hello I’m Sherilee Jane, dairy farming inTariki on the Eastern side of Mt Taranaki, milking 380 cows with my husband Trevor & son Cleve.

Together working along side each other we farmed with a passion for the environment planting over 10,000 native riparian including Maunuka hedging

We love our well bred kiwi cross girls, the farm is very scenic with Native pockets of trees, breeding bees, and a water race you can catch a trout from!

We are looking forward to residing in amazing Marlborough this year and taking Vision Equestrian & our newest family addition Piper, my black mare to the South Island!

Liana & myself have similar values and a passion for helping people, Vision Equestrian is a result of this and has created a business we both get a lot of enjoyment from meeting people and coming together.

We are always happy to help you


What Our Customers Say!

Excellent service from the girls at Vision Equestrian. Super easy to deal with and super fast delivery of orders. Claudia Hurley Eventing

Excellent Service

Fabulous service and great products, absolutely love the bucas rugs. nothing is too much of a bother to sort. awesome team thank you again. Donna Gedye

Fabulous Service

I can’t rate  Vision Equestrian Enough. i’m happy to support and recommend this business that stocks quality products, is competitively priced  and goes the extra mile or 186kms (liana brought feed over to the hawkes bay for me when she  was coming over for a family weekend. It is refreshing to deal with a buisness that oozes customer service and is only too happy to share knowledge. Michele Radovancich

Going the Extra Mile

I just want to say a big thank you to  Vision Equestrian for sourcing me some waterproof mesh rugs from Premier Equine. Impressed with the length of neck too as anyone who knows my horses knows these horses are not small. Thank you so much liana you made my day. Natalie Page

Super Service

Highly recommend the team at Vision Equestrian. Everyone at the Manawatu gear sale stall was extremely helpful. I bought my PE Helmet, and saddle blanket that I love. They ordered the PE boots for me in a couple of styles to try on. These promptly arrived. I bought the Vallardi leather field. They are super comfortable and practical for everyday use as well as looking stylish. Looking forward to my next purchase the Passagio boots are stunning! Love supporting this small NZ business.

Highly Recommend!


Ana Golding

Thank you to Liana from Vision Equestrian. Your support and advice is excellent. Liana has a wider knowledge base and is happy to answer any questions, whether it be horse feed, supplements or Equestrian products. Since making the change to Harvest grains and Koknkes Own supplements not only have we saved money, our horses are much healthier and happier. Great products for horses and riders backed by brilliant service.

John and Denise Devery

Dallas was stabled for 6 – 8 weeks due to a hoof injury and wasn’t allowed to be turned out and very limited movement while wearing a cast. I brought her a Bucas therapy mesh rug to help prevent any ailments while stabled for long periods. It promotes faster healing and I loved how it kept her at the right temperatures while inside on cooler nights and flies at bay on warmer days. Liana delivered it to me as soon as I had ordered it and highly recommends it for stable use.

Vanessa Stroud

I feel very humbled to have been chosen to be sponsored thank you very much Vision Equestrian! These covers are the best I have used you don’t need 10 covers for different weather, just the shower and sun sheet and the turnout rug its a game changer!

Baldeep Dhillon

I use Harvest Grains which I absolutely love! So good to see the feed really works on the horses, and they all LOVE it! This is Alvin a month being on harvest grains using Mega build, Smart Chaff and coco mash! Love seeing the results in his coat and top line!

Kirsten Cable

Can’t thank Liana enough for her expertise and knowledge of the different Harvest Grain feeds she has available. My stallion and young show boy look exceptional and feel great… Fabulous service, easy to pick up, and always with a smile.

Diane Gaskin

Huge grateful for the service I receive every time I message and when I come to get my horse’s supply of Harvest grains products. Vision Equestrians have made life so much easier by being able to come to get the goods after work which is always after 5 pm. Great service from a great team with fantastic products. Thank you from me and my princess

Paula Glasgow

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