Harvest Grains Smart Chaff


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Submerge in water for 15 minutes before feeding

Working horses
Growing horses
Breeding horses
Laminitis or foundering horses

Feeding daily may assist:

Horses prone to squamous and glandular ulcers
Buffering of some gut acidity in working horses
Metabolic disorders
Meeting efficient digestive processes
Feed induced Tying Up (RER & PSSM)
Rehydration and recovery
With minerals and vitamins

Low GI
Grain free
Molasses free
Soy meal free
Copra free
With additional

Omega 3 fatty acid
Gut conditioner
Feed conversion enzyme
SMART-CHAFF™ safe for horses and ponies with common feed related gastro-intestinal-tract and hind-gut irritation. Probiotic, yeast cells, feed enzymes and prebiotic sources increase food digestion and help balance the gut environment when affected by times of stress, travel or ill health

Our premium source of Omega 3 fatty acids and essential amino acids lysine and methionine to assist strength and recovery from every day challenges.Additional biotin and chromium to improve conversion of feed nutrients.More anti-oxidants to assist horses with restricted access to pasture and those in work.

Horse owners nationwide have now confirmed horses and ponies are more content when a SMART-FEED™ is included as part of the daily diet.

ACTIVATE WITH WATER before feeding

How to prepare – Submerge fully in clean water leaving to activate for 15 minutes and up to a few hours, increase water volume if preferred.
If by error this product is fed dry there is no cause for panic.
Soaking of any feeds should be monitored to ensure they do not ferment.
When bore water is used or when conditions are humid please use the soak time limit provided.

SMART-FEEDS™ may assist respiratory function if introduced as part of the daily diet. Lowering the consequences of dry cough and irritation caused by dust.

SMART-CHAFF™ (when soaked) may be safely enjoyed by all sizes, ages and breeds including those at risk of colic, ulcers, airway infection, laminitis, cushings, increased metabolic heat load.
For healthy rehydration when pasture is low or zero in the diet.

Provide additional salt or electrolytes as required

SMART-CHAFF™ can be enjoyed by all sizes, age and breed of horses and ponies. A super source of fiber for spellers, working horses, travelling, competing and racing. A good option for those at risk of colic, ulcers, airway infection and whilst rehabilitating on box rest and breeding.
A feed to provide fiber and re-hydration when pasture conditions are not favorable.
The perfect addition to weight control programs.
To ensure you horse or pony is receiving a balanced diet it may be necessary to seek advice.
Any mineral shortfalls should be addressed to ensure health and metabolism are not compromised.

If at all concerned request your vet do a blood test (include selenium)
Provide additional salt or electrolytes as required


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