Premier Equine Buster 200g Combo Turnout Rug with Snug-Fit Neck



The Buster Storm from Premier Equine is Made from our breathable 840D ballistic nylon and treated with our proven waterproof system, this rug is a fantastic addition to your horse’s wardrobe. Our optimum breathable formula helps to regulate your horse’s temperature keeping it warm, dry and comfortable. Features classic details such as the branded stainless steel hardware and subtle contrast embroidery/trims. As part of the evolution of the ‘Buster’, a high shoulder gusset has been added to allow for a greater range of movement in the field. An ideal horse rug for those wanting versatility and traditional styling during winter turnout.
Your Buster 200 has been carefully hand packaged in a complimentary, reusable zip-fastened storage bag to keep your tack room tidy when not in use and easy for carrying.

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Purple, Green


5'0 NZ (UK 6'3), 5'3 NZ (UK 6'6), 5'6 NZ (UK 6'9), 3,9 NZ (UK 5'0), 4'0 NZ (UK 5'3), 4'3 NZ (UK 5'6), 4'6 NZ (UK 5'9), 4'9 NZ (UK 6'0)


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