Lumiere Equestrian Amie Rolled Leather Double Bridle Black



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Black only
The Amie leather bridle is an eye catching style that adds statement style to any horse.

The high-shine black patent noseband is nicely gel-padded, and compliments the delicate crystal wave browband. It features a ‘non-crank’ pinch-free noseband closure to evenly distribute any pressure across the nose.

This bridle has a highly anatomic design with broad headpiece designed as a single strap with three buckle attachments on each side. Therefore, there is no need to feed the noseband under the poll piece which can cause pinching.

This bridle is made from top-quality Italian leather and is certainly at home on the dressage or show-ring ‘diva’.
Top quality rolled top quality leather
Delicate crystal wave browband
Gel-padded anatomic headpiece (single strap)
Padded high-shine gel-patent noseband
Stainless steel fittings
Two sets of premium padded nappa leather reins

Top quality craftsmanship
Bridle comes with one luxury padded standard nappa rein and one luxury padded nappa curb rein with no buckle. Both reins have a billet attachment.

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Pony, Cob, Full, Warmblood


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