Harvest Grains Harmonize


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Low GI – Grain Free – Molasses Free
Activate by submerging in water 10 minutes

  • all equestrian activities and competition
  • showring preparation
  • recovery and rehabilitation
  • common feed reactions
  • breeding, spelling, injured
  • weight control programs
  • hard to manage miniature horses

May assist health and maintenance when at risk of:
• Laminitis or founder
• Metabolic issues (EMS, Cushings syndrome)
• Feed induced Tying-Up (RER & PSSM)
• Insulin resistance
• Digestive or gastric issues / colic
• Excitable, anxious, fizzy or hot

*Safe for mares in foal

More Than A Feed
The diamond of all conditioning feeds for GIT maintenance and those with common feed sensitivities
Our premium source of Omega 3 fatty acids and essential amino acids lysine and methionine to assist strength and recovery from every day challenges.
Additional biotin and chromium to improve conversion of feed nutrients.
More anti-oxidants to assist horses with restricted access to pasture and those in work.

Targets Insulin Sensitivity plus Carbohydrate and Protein Metabolism
HARMONIZE™ is a balanced feed developed for all sizes, age and breed. Suitable for horses that may experience digestive or feed related intolerances. This includes young nervous horses in work and those at risk of colic, ulcers, airway infection, laminitis, cushings, increased metabolic heat load and those rehabilitating on box rest.

ACTIVATE WITH WATER before feeding

How to prepare
Submerge fully in clean water leaving to activate for 15 minutes and up to a few hours, increase water volume if preferred.
If by error this product is fed dry there is no cause for panic.
Soaking of any feeds should be monitored to ensure they do not ferment.
When bore water is used or when conditions are humid please use the soak time limit provided.
SMART-FEEDS™ may assist respiratory function if introduced as part of the daily diet. Lowering the consequences of dry cough and irritation caused by dust.

Harmonize™ (when soaked) may be safely enjoyed by all sizes, ages and breeds including those at risk of colic, ulcers, airway infection, laminitis, cushings, increased metabolic heat load.
For healthy rehydration when pasture is low or zero in the diet.
A good start to a weight control program

Any mineral shortfalls should be addressed to ensure health and metabolism are not compromised.
If at all concerned request your vet do a blood test including selenium.

  • Provide additional salt or electrolytes as required

PER DAY Training

200kg feed up to 2.5kg
300kg feed up to 3.5kg
400kg feed up to 4.5kg
500kg feed up to 5.5kg
600kg feed up to 6.5kg

Weanlings, Yearlings & Miniature horses – do not exceed 1kg per 100kg bodyweight

INGREDIENTS : Timothy, lucerne, sunflower, flax, pea, lupin, 3 super fibers (hulls), GMO free proteins, premium omega 3 fatty acid, essential omega fatty acids, omega oil, tissue anti-oxidants, HG Premium inorganic and organic mineral premix, chelated minerals, protected vitamins, probiotic, prebiotic, feed conversion enzymes, MOS, gut conditioners, essential salts, ACVM registered toxin binder, methionine, biotin
• Seek advice if unsure of selenium requirements
• Provide additional salt or electrolytes when work intensity or sweat loss increases

Fibre 35%, Fat 14%%, NSC 8.5%, STARCH 2.98%

PER KG D Energy 12 MJ/kg, C Protein 180g, Lysine 8g, Calcium 8g, Phosphorus 4g, Copper 40mg, Zinc 120mg, Selenium Yeast 0.35mg, Manganese 26.5mg, Iodine 1.48mg, Iron 160mg, Sodium 3.6g, Chloride 7.2g, Magnesium 2.5g, Potassium 8.6g, Vitamin A 6250iu, Vitamin D 830iu, 100% natural Vitamin E 510iu, Vitamin B1 10.1mg, Vitamin B2 4.6mg, Niacin B3 36mg, Vitamin B5 5.7mg, Vitamin B6 5mg, Folic acid 4mg, Vitamin B12 52μg, Biotin 1mg, Chromium 0.8mg, Vitamin K3 3.6mg, Cobalt 0.25mg, Boron 10mg

  • Variations in the plant nutrient values may occur

NB: not a treatment for discomfort or disease – call your vet if animal is unwell

Does not contain any prohibited or illegal substance listed under FEI rules or AU:NZ Rules of Racing.
If feeding Harvest Grains HARMONIZE for the first time gradually introduce over a minimum 7 days so the horses digestive system can adjust gradually to the new diet, proteins and oils.
Ensure your horses receive a minimum 1% of their body-weight as additional good quality fiber and give open access to fresh clean drinking water and salt block if needed.
Selenium testing is advisable to ensure levels meet the horses individual needs


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